Got my iPhone Developer license approved over the weekend. Fortunately it went much smoother this time around. Back in 2009 when I last had one, I had hassles because my apple id name (Ben) didn’t match the one on my credit card (Benjamin). Apple seem to have fixed it now.

This time around I’m trying to do a few things better:

  1. Just submitting an app under my own name instead of spending a lot of time on creating a company (which hasn’t happened so far anyway). Unfortunately someone else with the same name as me has released another app just recently, but that’s what happens when you have a fairly common first and last name.
  2. Focusing on getting a game into app store instead of getting distracted by trying to get a best selling game into app store. Real beats vapour any day.
  3. Got a plan and a deadline: 31 Dec of this year is my goal. Now back to work!