Drone On My Phone: FPV Flying Practice!

If you’re looking to get in to the exciting world of FPV Racing then check out our latest app, Drone On My Phone. It features numerous challenges and maps to help you build your flying skills bit by bit.

It’s built using our realistic physics engine and stabilization software on top of our minimalist graphics engine so you can be assured of jetstripes’ characteristic liquid frame rate and responsiveness. The lean graphics won’t get your phone hot or flatten your battery, and it will only take up a tiny amount of space on your phone (around 20 MB).

Some of the challenges include innovative assistance to help with learning by controlling some of the channels for you. For example, the hovering challenge only requires control of the throttle as all the other channels are controlled by the stabilization to keep you in the right position. Another challenge, which is designed to help you get used to FPV flying, only requires you to operate pitch (forwards) and yaw (turn) while throttle (up/down) and roll (left/right “strafing”) are done automatically.

Drone On My Phone includes multiplayer support so you can challenge a friend over Bluetooth. We’ve put quite a bit of effort into the experience so hopefully you’ll have a lot of fun. From the “Challenges” page, one player selects “Host” and the other selects “Join”. Once connected, the hosting player can select a challenge and both players can compete in real time to see who’s the fastest. We chose to use Bluetooth instead of LAN so you can play it anywhere, not just when both players have a WiFi connection.

Drone On My Phone Download on the App Store

We’ve also added a “Just Fly” section for those who just want to fly around or practice free-style etc. Here’s a video showing the new maps available. Note that some of the maps are IAPs (In-App Purchases).

In-App Purchases

Drone On My Phone has some low-cost In-App Purchases available to help you take your skills to the next level. It also helps fund development of this app and other apps. If you like Drone On My Phone then I would encourage you to support our development efforts and purchase one or more of these. We are proud of what we develop and would like to continue working on our products but we need support from people like you to be able to do so. Thanks in advance :)

Map Bundle 1


Stadium has a mix of easier and more challenging flying. As you can probably tell from the preview pic and video, there are a number of gates of varying difficulty to fly through.

  1. FPV Warmup (fairly easy)
  2. FPV Weave (a bit of vertical stuff)
  3. FPV Big loop with mostly easy gates
  4. FPV Reverse loop (big loop but the other way)
  5. FPV Ladders (more vertical stuff)
  6. FPV with hoops, the roof gate, etc
  7. FPV Go Low (low gates loop)
  8. FPV Race loop (old 5)
  9. FPV as per 8 with time penalties for crashes
  10. LOS with the parallel gates and one red gate
  11. LOS with the vertical gates
  12. LOS with hoops


Mall involves a lot more flying in fairly constrained spaces, so requires a fair bit of skill with maintaining height. Some of the maneuvering will also need a fair bit of skill to fly between checkpoints at different heights and around obstacles. All challenges are FPV, and have time penalties for crashes.

  1. Intro: zoom around the entrance
  2. Bridges: weave between levels
  3. Spiral: weave and ascend around pillars
  4. Crossover: medium sized course mostly upstairs
  5. Fig 8: similar to spiral but turns both ways and up and down
  6. Quick loop: fly the whole mall with fairly large gates
  7. Entrance: similar to 1 but smaller gates to fly through
  8. Upstairs: similar to 4 but smaller gates
  9. Vertical: more vertical weaving, smaller gates
  10. Crossover 2: similar to 4 but tighter gaps to weave through
  11. Dizzy: similar to 3 but much more demanding (and by the food court)
  12. Big loop: big loop with a mix of difficulty

Map Bundle 2

Map Bundle 2 contains two additional maps for “Just Flying”:

  • “Old Refinery”
  • “School”

Advanced Controller 2.0 Menu

  • Drone Mode (STAB or ACRO)
  • Camera Tilt (-20 to 50 degrees)
  • Hi/Lo Rates (HI or LO, same as on-screen button)
  • Rates & Expo
    • Throttle
      • Center (20% to 80%, recommend 41% for current drone)
      • Expo (-100% to 100%)
      • Hi Rate (10% to 100%)
      • Lo Rate (10% to 100%)
    • Pitch
      • Expo (-100% to 100%)
      • Hi Rate (10% to 100%)
      • Lo Rate (10% to 100%)
    • Roll
      • Expo (-100% to 100%)
      • Hi Rate (10% to 100%)
      • Lo Rate (10% to 100%)
    • Yaw
      • Expo (-100% to 100%)
      • Hi Rate (10% to 100%)
      • Lo Rate (10% to 100%)


  • FPV (First Person View): what it looks like from where the drone is.
  • LOS (Line Of Sight): what you would see standing nearby and remotely controlling the drone.