Bring on the drum roll, fireworks, etc, as we announce our newest app to be released, Electric RC Sim! And a few more exclamation marks!!!

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Electric RC Sim is a great fun simulator, and it’s good enough to use to learn to fly. I know, because during testing over several months while we were making this app, I went from being a frequent crasher to now only an occasional crasher ☺ For the record, the three most important things I found for learning to fly, in order of importance are: (1) getting left and right correct due to controls seeming backward when the plane is flying towards you, (2) keeping the plane flying horizontally instead of zooming up and down, and (3) getting the speed right, as in fast to take off, medium for cruising, and slow for landing. But not too slow, or you’ll stall!

Have fun. And happy Friday 13th.