Had a few queries about the defaults on the Drone On My Phone Advanced Controller 2.0. I’ve listed them below.

Throttle center:     40%
Throttle expo:       70%
Throttle high rate: 100%
Throttle low rate:   85%

Pitch expo:       10%
Pitch high rate: 100%
Pitch low rate:   70%

Roll expo:       10%
Roll high rate: 100%
Roll low rate:   70%

Yaw expo:       20%
Yaw high rate: 100%
Yaw low rate:   70%

Camera tilt: 10 degrees

Drone mode: STAB

Drone mode options are STAB and ACRO. STAB means that the drone pitches and rolls as you tilt the sticks then levels when you release the stick. In ACRO mode, the drone rotates while you are holding pitch and roll away from centre, then holds its angle when you release the stick.

Probably the best way to explain expo is basically it makes the drone less sensitive for small stick movements (good for when you’re flying nicely) and more sensitive for large stick movements (which you might want if you’re about to crash). Low rates make the drone less sensitive overall, good for when you’re learning.

And just in case you don’t find the Advanced Controller 2.0 particularly intuitive, here’s a link to a youtube video showing basic operation.